Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, October 08, 2015

NYCC Day 1

The day didn't start off very well, as Robin has caught whatever illness I had last weekend and didn't even feel like getting out of bed, much less going to a convention. But by the time I came back from the local grocery with provisions he was up and dressed, hair cut and body showered, and we were on the 9:30 AM express bus into Manhattan, with the World's Slowest Driver. We didn't get to Times Square until 11:30, but once there it was a simple matter to take the new "7" train expansion one stop to the station a block (well, more like four blocks) away from our table at the Javits Center, and we were situated around noontime.

Robin at his table

Rob was a real trouper, smiling and pleasant throughout the afternoon. It couldn't have been easy, I remember what a wreck I was last Saturday with that illness. Don't worry, we had plenty of Purell, I don't think we're contagious at this point. And we have absolutely no regrets about attending. We happened to be at the right place during the right time, a rare occurrence in this business, and we actually made our table money back (and then some) within two hours, thanks to a couple of swell guys with an interest in buying original art pages. A great feeling, as it's freed us up to relax for the rest of the weekend. Oh, by the way, don't attempt to get wifi at the con, it keeps cutting in and out like a crazy monkey.

Phyllis Novin

It wouldn't be a proper NYCC without seeing lots of old friends, like Jamal Igle and Bob Ingersoll and Robin Stelly and a few people that Robin knew better than me. :) Here's Phyllis Novin, from my old Friends of Lulu days, wearing the earrings that had belonged to me until a few minutes earlier when I gave up on them, decide I didn't have the neck and shoulders to pull them off despite how pretty I think they are (I love me some tricolor gold), and realized they'd suit Phyllis much better. At last, an excuse for me to buy a new pair!

Cosplaying princesses

I don't tend to take a lot of photos of cosplayers, and of course this is such a huge part of any comicon now and you just can't snap photos of everyone. So I decided to take only one shot today of these lovely princess costumes, because if I had the talent and the poise I like to think this is the sort of cosplay I'd have done.

We didn't stay very long, as Robin had pretty much faded by 5 PM. This time decided to take the "7" to Grand Central, as we didn't relish another two-hour bus ride. Coincidentally since it was rush hour, we happened to get the driver I almost always get on my evening commute, so that was weird and nice. We're sticking to the East Side bus for the rest of the weekend, much easier. Home by my usual time, a bit of sushi to celebrate our success, some baseball and now to bed to gear up for tomorrow!