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Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday Birthday and Cat Blogging*

I'm liking the ease of Facebook photo albums more and more. I hit one button to take all the photos from my iPhoto album and make a Facebook album out of it, and I can link to individual photos from here as I like. Meanwhile, Facebook itself seems to be where it's at in terms of friends - I remember the days of actual physical cards, then e-cards and blog comments, now it's mostly people there wishing me many happy returns of the day, throwing up their own e-cards and videos... it's a great little town square for me! I'm up to 100 friends and relatives sending along their best wishes, including folks I've known since childhood, cohorts from my INSIDE JOKE years, actual Famous People... I'm really blown away!

But back to the photos. I got out of work at 3 PM (last month my company reinstituted early Friday departure through the end of the year so people could do their holiday errands and such, and this is the first week I actually got out on time, I've worked OT the last three times) and Robin and I walked up to Central Park. Here he is at the Artists' Gate, naturally:

No, I don't know why there's a lamppost growing out of his head. I guess because having a lightbulb there would have been too cliche? Anyway, we walked over to the Columbus Circle Holiday Market to "window" shop and enjoy some no-sugar-added hot apple cider; yum! I took a few photos while we were sitting and sipping; this one's my favorite, showing a Central Park path leading away from the kiosks:

We then headed down to Midtown Comics in the Times Square area to pick up a fairly substantial haul, as for some unknown reason we seem to have dropped off DC's comp list, then dined on surf and turf at Red Lobster; yum again! After that we took in just a bit of the Bryant Park Holiday Shops, as that's where we had to get the express bus back home anyway:

It was still pretty early when we arrived home, about my usual weekday arrival time anyway, and before feeding the cats Robin took this photo of me, Datsa (with his arms around me as usual) and my birthday present, a lovely wildcats metroyshka from here (I collect nesting dolls):

My birthday blouse actually looks a little better than it seems to here; I got lots of compliments on it at work today! Oh, and while we're on Friday Cat Blogging, here's an adorable one of Amy from a few days ago, caught in mid-grooming:

This has probably been one of the easiest pictorials I've ever posted here. Hats off to the iPhoto/Facebook album interface!

*(Friday Cat Blogging is ™ Kevin Drum)


Scott said...

Happy belated birthday, Elayne! That Bryant Park shot is gorgeous.