Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Foggy Morning, Breakdown

Yeah, I've been taking photos lately. Here's a set from my phone's camera, which I took on the way to the bus yesterday. Note that the last three, from on the bus, are sans fog, as we were in Manhattan by that time. For those who don't like to click to Flickr, here's my favorite:


Not too shabby for a little phone camera! The next set, which I've put on Facebook, was taken this past Sunday, when we returned to Macy Park to assess the damage the freak pre-Hallowe'en snowstorm had caused. This one here is my car parked amid some of the major fallen branches:

Pretty scary. No use in taking a panorama photo, either - the trees were either bare or had too many branches down or were stubbornly refusing to change.

The trees around us are currently peak or a little past peak, with that wonderful russet color I wait all year to see. Here's a photo snapped from my camera phone around 4:30 this afternoon from outside my ophthalmologist's office:

This one's exclusive to Blogger. I like to spread around where I store my photos cloud-wise (although I'm leaning more and more to Facebook, that was a pretty easy upload from iPhoto). Oh, and I passed my visual field test and all other eye exam stuff with flying colors, in case you were wondering.