Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Overdue MoCCA Fest Photos

Robin and I took in the annual MoCCA Fest last Saturday for about an hour or so, pretty much our limit for one large crowded room with no seating and an inability to get into either of two over-capacity panel rooms. I decided to take photos of "Robin And" this time, so here they are:

MoCCA 2011 Esther Glenn

Robin (on the right) with sf author Esther Friesner and my ComicMix buddy and longtime friend Glenn Hauman. It was a real pleasure meeting Esther, six of whose books I've owned for a couple decades now (I just put seven more in my Amazon shopping cart), and whose sense of humor on the page was also very evident in person. She was ebullient and full of recommendations, the first of which was Barry's Hereville, so I got to text Barry (who, alas, didn't respond until that evening) passing along her admiration. Barry, you definitely need to invite Esther to the next FOB (Friends of Barry) NYC gathering when you're here in October! Esther hopes to make it to the NYCC, but is anticipating the birth of a grandchild right around then so we'll see how the timing works out. Glenn invited me back to my old columnar digs at ComicMix, albeit for exactly what the Huffington Post pays most of its bloggers, but unfortunately I don't even have enough time and energy nowadays to post more than daily Silly Sites here, so I gave him a polite "we'll see" and, well, we'll see.

MoCCA 2011 Kevin Tinsley

Robin and Kevin Tinsley, author of the Stonehaven graphic novels, which I look forward to reading after I finish all the Dresden Files books a friend has loaned me (I've put all comics reading aside for that, but I keep hearing the call of the smartphone apps so it's been slow going). They look as though they may be close enough to Dresden in tone, so I'm psyched.

MoCCA 2011 Spike

Robin and Spike Trotman, whom I totally adore because every time I see her I buy another volume of Templar, Arizona even though I get the RSS feed of her page-a-day. Much easier to read in paperback format. The problem is, the list I carry around on my smartphone of "graphic novels I have or have read" so I don't buy duplicates is somewhat incomplete, so I repurchased Volume 3 as well as getting Volume 4. But it's Spike, so I don't care, I love supporting her.

MoCCA 2011 cool booth

This just struck me as a cool booth so I took a photo of it. Lots of booths had very clever eye-catching things to entice people over, which I loved.

I also said hello to Liora Codor, co-writer of The Joyous Haggadah, and while the book itself (highly recommended by Esther) seemed aimed at a much younger set, I loved the postcards she was selling of the Four Sons interpreted as the Marx Brothers, so I bought that (click to embiggen) plus a couple of buttons with Groucho and Harpo that I'm going to wear during Passover this coming week. Cute stuff!

And I saw Jane Irwin, whose Clockwork Game currently updates online every Thursday. As usual, MoCCA was easily half female, always encouraging in a culture that insists on asking the same question every three months like, you should pardon the expression, clockwork for as long as I can remember (say, the last three decades or so?): "Where are all the women bloggers?" "Where are all the women doing comics?" (the impetus behind the Women Doing Comics page I maintained for years at the Friends of Lulu site) "Who knew women went to movies?" "Who knew women liked fantasy TV?" "Wait, women are gamers too?" etc. etc. Honestly, it's enough to drive one to distraction, were there not so many distractions already. I keep waiting for "Women play Angry Birds and use other smartphone apps?"

But I digress. A fun if somewhat exhausting day, and I look forward to seeing some of the same folks in October at NYCC.