Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, September 10, 2010

An Era Passes

Well, I just heard the announcement that my RSS aggregator of choice, Bloglines, is shutting down for good on October 1. I can't say I haven't had problems with it, it hasn't aggregated LiveJournal feeds properly since it was outsourced to China a few years ago, but it's the only reader that works on my office's servers. This means, essentially, no more blog reading at work (since I can't go to blogs directly, those are all blocked). Which means I'm liable to fall more and more behind on things like doing blogarounds, but hey, it can't be helped.

I've imported all my feeds to Google Reader (which doesn't work right at the office, it loads but it doesn't show me any content), offloaded saved Silly Sites and will try to do a blogaround before the weekend is out. If I can't, then all my saved bookmarks are going bye-byes. If anyone out there can recommend a nice, basic online-based RSS aggregator, I'm all ears.


Dwight Williams said...

Damn. It's not as big an annoyance as some things, but it still helped you out a lot over the years.

mrudegeair said...

Please share any recommendations that you recieve, as well as any readers that you try yourself.

I use GReader for my personal blog reading, but had been using Bloglines for work related blog reading.