Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cleanup Time

I took the day off work to do some housekeeping, both online and off. Inspired in part by Skippy's 8th blogiversary and his tireless support of Blogroll Amnesty Day and the concept of mutual linkage, I decided to clean my sidebar of all the News + Views Guys, Duos and Groups whose blogs are inactive or who don't have me on their blogrolls. (Having already swept through the Liberal Coalition and News+Views Gals sections a few months back, this now leaves the Kultcha section, Op-Ed and Roundups, the last of which will probably go bye-byes.) If Bill Wolfrum, Dave Johnson, Mark Kleiman, PZ Myers, Tom and Dori at Backup Brain, David and Sara at Ornicus, the folks at After School Snack, Corrente, Crooked Timber, Feministe, Feministing, First Draft, the Group News Blog, Lawyers Guns and Money, Left Coaster, Pandagon (wow Amanda, no blogroll?), Preemptive Karma or anyone else actively blogging who's now been removed from my sidebar can point me to where on their blogs a link to me appears, they will of course be immediately reinstated. (I continue to read a number of blogs which ignore my existence entirely because I enjoy them - as evidenced by my Bloglines subscriptions - but I no longer feel a need to give them free sidebar PR if there's no reciprocity.)

This housecleaning has freed up my sidebar considerably, so it might be a good time to mention to any "new" bloggers I read (like Amanda Hess at The Sexist, the gals at Tiger Beatdown, etc.) who would like a mutual link exchange, I'd be more than delighted. And,to remind other folks who seek a link exchange for the primary purpose of selling something that Pen-Elayne is a NO-ADS blog.

Oh, and also? I've moved my friend Jill, who does Brilliant at Breakfast, up to my Top Seven. Given that I conceived that section to honor friends and bloggers who've had a profound influence on my writing and my life and my decision to blog in the first place, she totally belongs there. (Now if only Anni Ackner would return to blogging, I could expand that section to a Top Eight...)


Jill said...

I (long overdue) blogrolled you today. Like you, I wish Anni/Anna (wev) were actively blogging. If there was one person I would have picked to have discovered blogging, it would be her. I know that she always prided herself on being a Luddite, but I for one have had my life enriched in so many ways by first my movie reviews and then blogging, that someone who writes so well hasn't picked it up is baffling to me.

Elayne said...

She did pick it up for a short while, did maybe three posts, then for whatever reason seemed to abandon it. Her last post was October of last year. You can read them at: