Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Belated Friday Cat (and NYC) Blogging*

I've spent all day doing something I hadn't planned on: going through My Past in Photos, consolidating everything that had been in assorted files from my PCs over the years into our Macbook laptop's iPhoto program. Over 11 years worth of stuff (pretty much the entire time we've been married), including tons of comic book conventions, holiday snaps, family gatherings, blogger meetings and so forth. I've learned how to import and export, make new "Events" (groups of photos), split Events into more than one grouping and rename the new ones, and merge Events, the most relevant one for cat blogging as we have well over a thousand photos of Amy and Datsa, far too many for normally sane people. Here's the most recent:

Meanwhile I'm busy making new memories. As mentioned, Rob and I went into Manhattan yesterday, him to my boss' home to help out with some AV setup and me to have lunch with Heidi MacDonald:

That graffito was right next to our favorite conveyor-belt sushi place, East (there's one in Heidi's neighborhood). Amazingly I didn't eat a lot, but I hadn't been feeling well all day. When I arrived at the Armory for the annual Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) Art Fest, I made a beeline for the ladies' room and found out why. Let's just say I felt much better for the rest of the day.

I stayed at the fest for only about an hour, feeling like I was a little too old and the place was a little too crowded. I then hopped a local bus uptown to meet Robin and say hi to my boss and his wife. We left about 5:30 and strolled up First Avenue:

Only in New York: a supermarket right under the 59th Street Bridge. I also took a few shots on homeward-bound bus. I love this one of the Chase sign, it's so typical of New York:

It reads, "If there's a scaffold, we're under it." My sentiments exactly: "Welcome to our city - under construction!"

The trees around Dyckman Place were very nice, but the bus was moving most of the time so this was the only good one that came out:

Nearing home, I took this shot of a willow behind another blossoming tree, but I don't think you can see the willow very well even if you clicken to embiggen...

And that's it! It's been a surprisingly restful weekend, even with today's grocery shopping; I'm glad we both got out of the house two days in a row.

*(Friday Cat Blogging is ™ Kevin Drum)