Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi, Laura Gjovaag here. I'm Elayne's techie friend. I'm about to start making changes to this blog's template, so it may look very odd for the next couple of hours. Or rather, the sidebar will look odd. The rest of the blog should be up and running fairly quickly. I'll update this post when I'm done so you can tell me what I messed up.

Update: 8:43pm New York Time - I'm done with the main changes. There are a number of tweaks still to make, and I'm aware of a spacing bug on the sidebar on item pages that I need to fix. Otherwise, I think it looks ok. If you see anything truly amiss, let me know so I can figure it out.


Tegan said...

Some information for Elayne:

The tools icons should only show up if you are logged in, and will allow you to edit the section that's to the upper left of the icon.

If you use the title box in the compose window, the title will become a permalink to the post, like on this post.

Your blog may take a long time to load due to some of the stuff in your sidebar. While it's loading, a couple of browsers will make the header look really odd, but only until it finishes loading.

I can remove the borders from your images, either on the sidebar or all of them, if you think it will look better. I personally prefer to not have borders on images.

Comments made by you should have a slightly different look now.

As we discussed, the whole blog should be easier to edit, but to save all your links you may need to "view source" then save that, because the links are stored by "widget" in the Google database, instead of being part of the actual code.

I did some hocus-pocus to make certain sidebar items show up only on the main page. Let me know if you ever need more items to only show up on certain pages.

I think that's it...

Tegan said...

Heh... thought of more...

As you can see, comments made by the author of a post show up differently, not by the blog author. So any comments you make on this post should be normal.

Speaking of comments, watch for spammers. Both hubby-Eric and I had a rash of them right after we converted to layouts.

Oh, and I fixed the spacing bug. Had to remove the padding from the sidebar widgets. Heh. Padded widgets sounds like a band name.