Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Siblings in 2009

The Sibling Picture is becoming quite the family tradition amongst the extended family clan on my mom's side. Here's the latest one, taken at a gathering hosted by my youngest brother Jay and sis-in-law Kara to welcome my newest sis-in-law Bridgette (wife of my younger brother Gene) into the family:

I think whenever Mom, Aunt Kenie and Uncle Phil got together, there were more camera flashes going off than at any other time. Well, maybe almost any other time. This collective garnered its fair share of clicks as well:

That's me and Robin, Gene and Bridgette in the middle, Jay and Kara on the right, and my Mom in front.

Rob and I both took lots of photos, and have finally uploaded our combined "Galleriggs" here. (Mom, let us know which ones you want us to print out for you!) I've also linked there from my Facebook page, which almost the entire family seems to be on.

Now the only photos left to organize and upload are our now-annual foliage shots from VE Macy Park, where we stopped on our way to the gathering at Jay and Kara's place. And just in time for the holiday snaps to start...