Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

As Six Becomes Seven

Throughout my life I've had several "friend crushes," periods of intense admiration for people with whom I was lucky enough to hang around and who had a tremendous influence on me. I got to see one of these people, Leah Adezio, enter the blog world briefly before her untimely depature from this plane of existence. Another, my college buddy Bill-Dale Marcinko, faded away before he could ever go online, and now he's gone as well.

And between Billy and Leah, there was Anna Deborah Ackner. Anni, her nom de plume during the days we hung out, was not only the maid of honour at my wedding to Steve, but the star staff writer for my zine INSIDE JOKE. I adored her writing, and still do. For whatever reason, after Steve and I divorced I lost touch with Anna, but the internet sometimes has a way of bringing things full circle. It was never to be with Bill-Dale, it was way too short with Leah, but I'm very thrilled to say that I have just learned that Anna Ackner now has a blog, The Incredible Doctor Postage, chronicling her current project: "over the course of the next year, I will write 1,000 letters. 1,000 personal, chatty, comfortable letters in longhand, with a signature. I will mail each one and I will see what happens."

Anna has been put into the Top Six on my sidebar, making it a Top Seven, of the writers I most admire who have had the greatest personal influence in my life and my decision to blog. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to writing influence, Anna is my alpha and omega, and I feel blessed that I can now read her regularly again.