Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

First Fall Foliage Photos

Well, for 2009 in any case. As mentioned previously, on Sunday we drove up to Bear Mountain in Rockland County to see if any of the leaves had turned yet. Meh, not as many as we'd hoped. But we still had a nice time.

The day started out very pretty and sunny. They say Bear Mountain got its name because it looks like sleeping bear. Do you see it? I don't.

I don't even think it's obvious in this panorama. Maybe we were looking at the wrong part of the mountain?

Well, there are a couple of bear stautes, at least. They stand in front of the Bear Mountain Inn, closed for renovation until goodness knows when. So, on to some live animals!

Some of the many ducks on Hessian Lake. You can see some trees starting to turn in the background.


The very non-famous Hessian Lake Sign.

More lake, yeah yeah yeah.

The famous Robin Riggs standing with his camera by the not-really-famous-at-all Hessian Lake Sign.

The restroom cabin had a window cutout that frames the trees as though they're in a picture.

And though they feel as if they're in a play, they are anyway. Here's the same grove from a closer angle, taken through the window cut-out. On to the pretty foliage!

Does this one look like a sleeping bear? I'm so confused.

Bear Mountain also has an indoor carousel, housed in this structure:

You saw the carousel in a previous post, as I videoed it. But I took a still photo of the mural in the building.

By this point it had clouded up, so we drove back down 202 and 9W. I like Rockland County; have I mentioned how it's my ancestral spawning grounds?