Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Baseball Bitchin' and Braggin'

So I'm watching the FOX coverage of today's Yankees/Sox game, and they mention they have the home plate umpire miked, and even played a recording of a conversation snippet when a pitch almost hit Alex Rodriguez but instead landed on his bat (i.e., was called a foul ball). Then later in the game, Rodriguez actually got hit and the same umpire immediately threw out the pitcher - and at no time during the incident, nor the conversation with the Sox manager that followed, did Tim and Joe even suggest that their production people play back any of the proceedings! What's the point of miking the ump if you're not going to take advantage of your tech when it actually matters?

It's enough to make me glad I'm going to be spared inane announcers on Wednesday, August 26, as a very generous work colleague who's a season ticket holder gave me his tickets for that evening (as he wouldn't be able to make it). The Yankees are playing the Texas Rangers, and I'll be attending the game (field-level seats!) with my supervisor. I plan on checking out the concession area(s), repeatedly. Particularly during the top of the 7th so I can spend the mandatory two minutes of hate faux patriotism elsewhere during the 7th inning stretch.