Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Cat (and Tourist, and Food) Blogging (FCB ™ Kevin Drum)

Fun day today, as the rain held off and I was able to meet fellow blogger and traveler extraordinaire Carolyn Ibis in the afternoon. Naturally I brought my camera to work, and the morning brought my first animal sighting, of the stuffed variety:

Kinda sad, isn't it? Who leaves a teddy bear lying by the side of the road? I'll never know. Anyway, Rob came down to meet Carolyn as well, and we wended our way through the Times Square area, where I saw a cat, believe it or not.

No, that's not the cat. That's the poor worker dressed up to advertise the NY Duck bus/boat tours. He or she is doubtless glad that the minimum wage rose today. There was a cat, perched atop a fellow's head, but when I tried to snap a photo he (the scammer, not the cat) demanded I pay him a buck first. Eff Tee Ess, y'know? Times Square has become in-your-face unbelievable, everyone's very aggressively shilling something.

But at least there are places to sit now, in what used to be a traffic-filled street! I really like the pedestrian mall, and Carolyn and I found a bench so Robin could take our photo.

I suggested we take advantage of NYC Restaurant "Week" and check out Ruby Foo's, a place about which I'd always been curious after viewing it from the outside so many times. The $24.07/person come-on was too good to pass up, and the food was quite nice, although the restaurant's regular prices are a bit out of my normal range. I probably should have taken more photos of the ambiance, it's sort of high class Asian kitsch but nice anyway.

But no, not me, I saved my photos for dessert. My blood sugar reading doesn't like me much tonight, but honestly, I gave most of this choco truffle thingie to Robin.

And it might have been worse had I had Carolyn's watermelon granita, as watermelon has a really high glycemic index.

Carolyn bought us gifts - a Vancouver 2010 Olympic pin and this cute little mascot called Quatchi. I thought he looked a bit like Vinnie's Norbert.

Home again, where Datsa expressed mild curiosity about DC's newsprint-upgrade Wednesday Comics...

...but much more interest in blocking my view of the Yankees game.

Meanwhile, Amy's all wired.

Your cat fact for this week involves a study, via Sheila Lennon, about cats' dominant paws (lefty or rightie) and how they seem to correlate to sex, which does bear out with Datsa (a lefty male) and Amy (a rightie female). On the other hand, our cats don't seem to employ the "solicitation cry" discussed in this study and on blogs everywhere last week, so there you are.