Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back from Mom's

Not too many photos, but might as well post the ones I have.

Yum, tasty mushrooms! Something tells me I shouldn't eat these toadstools alongside Mom's driveway.

Anybody know what kind of flowers these are? Mom forgot the name, nobody else seemed to know, and I couldn't identify them via Google Image.

Speaking of Googling, the main reason we were there was to do our laundry set up Mom's new computer, get it working with her printer, load all her stuff onto it, etc. Robin took care of most of the hard stuff, but I got all her PopCap games uploaded, including Bookworm as you can see. The hardest bit was AOL, we didn't have the right disk for Vista, so that took a bit of time for Robin. Here we see Mom admiring her low-tech pencil boxes as she gives the computer second thoughts.

My brother Jay and sister-in-law Kara came over too, to barbecue delicious chicken and to discuss the fine art of coupon clipping.

In contrast to yesterday's sometimes torrential rain, the light sprinkles this morning were a pleasure. Idiotically, even with a GPS, I made a wrong exit off the Turnpike and wound up taking the Holland Tunnel and skirting Manhattan via the West Side highway to get home, rather than the GW Bridge route that I usually take, but the vista was really lovely from Jersey City so no complaints. Naturally I've slept most of the afternoon away...