Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Liberal Coalition Top Ten
Week of 1/14/07 through 1/20/07

I'm behind in my reading again, but it's a "good kind of behind" (wait, that didn't come out right) since so much of my weekend was spent with friends. At least five hours visiting Jan, not including travel between the Bronx and Brooklyn and dropping her off on the Upper West Side. Yes, for the first time in my life I drove in Manhattan traffic. Really only around Broadway and West End Avenues in the upper '90s/low 100s, but that was plenty for me! I like to think Leah would have been proud, but I've been feeling pretty white-knuckled since, so I need to relax my hands by doing a Liberal Coalition-plus-others blogaround, don't I?

• The folks at First Draft have moved, but LC member Tena does not appear to have posted since.

Bora's book is out! Actually, The Open Laboratory is a compilation of science blogger posts from 2006 put together by Lulu.com, so it's a self-published kinda thingy, but it's probably a great resource if you want hard copies of some of the best science blogging around. Bora also cannot believe people are still defending Uri Geller. Ah, but some people want to believe...

Charles2 shudders at the implications of the President firing attorneys without cause and appointing cronies indefinitely without them going through an approval process.

• Echidne lists five things she likes about her physical and emotional self.

• Jeff feigns outrage at hypocrisy over obscenity.

• John lists the concepts our current president doesn't seem to grasp, like sacrifice and science and history. Michael also notices the president's sheer bogosity.

• Keith, whose novel is almost wrapped up, is amazement at Scientologists' gullibility has no end; also, he points to a nice remembrance of Robert Anton Wilson, and passes along some more controversy about the Dubya presidential library.

• Ken would like to see Dr. King remembered a little more accurately, and Natalie presents some music appropriate to the day.

• Moi tries a new recipe for first aid, and finds it as cool as I do that Helen Mirren won two Golden Globes for portraying both Queens Elizabeth in the same year.

• Mustang Bobby celebrates the probability that we only have at most two more years of sheer madness, and the fact that his blog has passed 150,000 hits.

• Norbizness presents an ode to jerks and to a strange Texas winter.

• NTodd has a great kitten-to-cat photo pairing of Sam.

• Steve G examines internet-phobia and begs to differ with MaxSpeak.

• Yay, Trish is coming to I-CON! My last I-CON was with Leah some four or so years ago, but as Trish will be there this year I'm planning on making the trek again.

• And upyernoz wonders what to do when the G-word appears in your fortune-cookie fortune.

And I saved up a few more non-LC posts before I got behind again:

• Comedian Elayne Boosler, whose entire name differs from my birth name by a mere three letters, has started getting almost as much Google juice as me since posting on HuffPo, and her latest relates her own experience as a White House Press Correspondents' dinner entertainer. And Mark Evanier found a Washington Post article that seems to be backpedalling a lot on what Rich Little was or was not told.

• Over at Shakespeare's Sister, Melissa introduces us to the organization See Jane, which deals with character gender equity in media (alert to When Fangirls Attack!); and Paul the Spud brings the incredible news about how the Democrats are being criticized for bringing in their "100 Hour Agenda"-- ahead of schedule!

• Andrea deals beautifully and eloquently with her grief over her grandma.

• Happy birthday to Bernadette, Laura and Eric (Laura's was yesterday, and I think it so cool that the husband-and-wife birthdays are one day apart, mine and Robin's are a full four).

• Jenn has a very interesting review of The Atom #2. I'm not sure I agree with it, and I'd swear that the creators didn't intend any racial ignorance, but it's food for thought anyway.

• Gary examines the various romantic entanglements going on at The Office.

• And speaking of TV, last up is another gem from Quick Stop, the two-part Debra & Stephanie Show video blog featuring the writer and guest star of the Scrubs' musical episode.

Wow, that took way longer than I thought it would - I started it well before dinner and it's a bit past my bedtime now. Nighty night all!