Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Orgasm for Peace

I suppose it's a nice concept, but for some people the tension-and-release often leads to muscle pain and that certainly doesn't provide a heck of a lot of peace, at least in those people's households. Just saying. Here's today's bookmark-closing blogaround:

• I can't think of any blogger who could use a little monetary Christmas cheer right now more than Shakespeare's Sister. Please consider foregoing donations to blog-beggers who want you to pay for their hobby (no matter how wonderfully they write) in favor of giving instead to someone who actually needs it for survival reasons.

• Speaking of A-listers, you know you're not among them when you had no idea Atrios' site was Bloggered yesterday. Perhaps this is a good sign that I'm getting a life again? (And again, no thanks Blogger, I'm not moving Pen-Elayne to your new beta site until I'm sure stuff like that won't happen to me...)

• Lots of cool Christmas cards have started to appear on blogs, and so far I think August's 6-pager is among my favorites. I'll probably put ours up on Monday.

• Lovely tributes to the late Joe Barbera from Mark Evanier and Paul Dini.

• PZ notes that some people just don't understand how to illustrate their points logically, and provides his own bonus diagram.

• Zuzu found a post by Sheila O'Malley that's just the shit! I wish I'd known about this place Sheila mentions when I was in Times Square yesterday.

• Amanda gives us more food for thought this holiday season with her revelation that people saying "I'll pray for you" is solidly in the concern-troll category. I guess any platitudes that make the speaker feel better than the listener is concern-troll fodder, right?

Jessica and then Melissa on how mockery marginalizes feminism and catches us in a humor bind. I particularly love Melissa's suggestion that "every women's studies program at every university should include an introductory course called You're Dumb, Oversensitive, and Ugly, the objective of which is to explore the practical realities of being an active feminist in the world."

• Speaking of active feminists, Heidi asserts that "2006 was clearly a huge year for women in comics" and I heartily agree. She also recommends the new women's comics collective Women's Work, which I've just applied to join on the basis of whatever comics-related work I'm slated to do in 2007. Elsewhere in blogs by comics creators, Tamora Pierce is perplexed by people who don't give her husband Timothy Liebe the co-writing credit he deserves on White Tiger even though he clearly has a writing history as well (for Video magazine and Computer Game Entertainment), but mostly by folks - especially girls - who seem to be complaining that she doesn't write enough male heroes, which complaints both amaze and sadden me.

Lastly, I just want to say I'm grateful that nobody's tagged me with the "five things some people don't know about me" so-called "meme" game that's making at least its second blogospheric round this year. I can't think of anything that I want folks to know that they don't already. Now, back to finishing up a few things in preparation for early departure...