Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dem's Good Reads - Friday the 13th Come on a Thursday Edition

Saved up from the last few days, and into a post I started this morning and never got a chance to finish during daylight hours:

• The only review you'll ever need of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, by Heidi MacDonald, naturally. If you know Heidi you don't need to be told how deeply in love she is with the whole pirate milieu, and how keenly she reviews films, so as far as I'm concerned she's the Voice of Authority here.

Laura found a really inspirational article (and follow-ups) about random acts of kindness.

• John at AmericaBlog has a couple interesting posts on crime in his homebase of Washington DC.

• Over at Pandagon, Amanda discusses the nature of oppressive taunting, as it's much in the news what the Zinedine Zidane incident in the World Cup final, and Zidane's press conference yesterday apologizing for his head-butt but insisting that Marco Materazzi had indeed insulted his mother and sister. (And I believe him; Materazzi says Zidane "has always been my hero" and "I didn't say anything to him about racism, religion or politics," but according to the same article he's also acknowledged he insulted Zidane. Why insult your hero? Frankly, none of what Materazzi says seems to add up. I just hope FIFA makes good on all its anti-racist rhetoric that was so overhyped this year!) Also good observations about the matter from Bryan, and Angie finds this game that I should perhaps have saved as a Silly Site.

• Patrick on why many artists shouldn't always draw from life or, more accuately, why they should vary their subjects.

• The Poor Man chronicles the continuing battles in the Great Annoying Video War of Aught-Six.

• Digby observes how Democrats need to be agents of change. I'd add that people aren't going to believe Dmocrats can change things unless they (the Democrats) actually talk about changes they've sought whose implementation was blocked by the fact that they ran up against too much opposition, so the obvious solution is strength in numbers. If the Demos don't run on a "strength in numbers" reform platform this year, well, there goes another golden opportunity.

• If you care at all about something the liberal blogosphere is referring to as the Deb Frisch matter, you want to read these two posts by Glenn Greenwald. Even if you don't really care about the minutiae, exposing hypocrisy is probably a very productive pasttime.

Me, I can't manage much more than a quick series of kips...