Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Bérubé Fête Sans Bérubé

Well, that was odd, but a lot of fun. Some terrific people attended tonight's dinner in honor of Michael Bérubé but, as it turns out, the guest of honor couldn't make it. He had a good excuse, though - last night he'd had an emergency appendectomy! From what we were told, it actually burst whilst he was on the operating table, so we're all glad he's fine now (and, rumor has it, pouting that he couldn't join us). So I hope he enjoys these pictures:

The kids' section of the table, featuring Her Majesty and the Loquacious Pup.

The Loquacious Pup's parents, Seth and Mrs. Talking Dog.

Scott Lemieux, Lindsay Beyerstein and John, and Steve M.

A better shot of John (foreground) and Steve, next to Uncle Procrustes and Julia's Beleaguered Husband.

Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, who are seriously considering combining their blogs into one, which would please me greatly.

Not pictured - Robin and me, Julia, Randy Paul, Roy Edroso and his friend (SO?) Mary.

The food was lovely if a bit pricey for our current budget, and the company was absolutely terrific. I'm a bit too tired to blog more than "the usual great conversations happened that you'd expect to happen," so I'll leave the details to the other attendees should they wish to expound upon the evening. Next time for sure, Michael; and thanks again for organizing this, Julia!