Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day Six

And on the sixth day, I need to rest. But not before adding to my sidebar blogroll the three women who received the most votes so far from Pen-Elayne commenters. I challenge others out there, particularly guy bloggers, to check out these gals' websites and add them to your blogrolls too!

Shakespeare's Sister (5 votes) - Many of you know her from her guest blogging at Ezra Klein's new blog, but you really should check out her home as well. The spiffy layout bespeaks an organization of thought as well - Shakespeare's Sis is good reading for the eyes and the mind. Besides, I always liked the original musings on Shakespeare's hypothetical sister, so I'm partial to the name.

Abigail's Magic Garden (4 votes) - Abigail bills her blog as "just another blog about politics, from a proudly liberal perspective," but as with so many other women bloggers that perspective is one I don't find in a lot of other places. Her recent essay on the relative nature of wealth blew me away; I found that, even as I disagreed with some points she made, she had a very persuasive and passionate way of swaying me with her overall argument. I look forward to seeing what she has to offer in the future.

Ilyka Damen (4 votes) - Way back in the days before the Internet, when I was self-publishing INSIDE JOKE, I occasionally used pseudonyms for my more creative writing, and I was especially pleased with the pun-name Kip M. Ghesin (I also used that as my SubGenius name). Like Kip's, this name sometimes needs to be said out loud to actually "get" it. At ease with both the personal and political, Ilyka blends both seamlessly. I'm pleased to add her to my blogroll, and hope that she can find time to increase her amount of posting.

Ladies, I welcome you to my sidebar, and hope others follow suit by adding you to theirs. Starting tomorrow - more voting for who's going on the sidebar next week, and more talk about the Gals in Waiting!