Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day 9

[Pretty much everything you need to know about Estrogen Month is here, so if you're new to Pen-Elayne please read that first.]

Today I'll finish up listing the rest of the names from Jude's list that weren't yet on my radar. I haven't yet determined whether these political bloggers are all progressive (I'm not that interested in right-wing viewpoints as that's the mainstream media norm and my time is taken up enough as is with the hundreds of liberal-left blogs I read), and remember, if they have non-working or non-existent RSS feeds they won't be going on my Gals in Waiting list, which is strictly a Bloglines thang, making them ineligible to "move up" to my sidebar blogroll (so please don't vote for them). I note a few of them seem to be inactive, so Jude, it might be time to do a bit of house-cleaning... Also, be aware that a few of these seem to be heavier on the techie stuff and lighter on the politics.

Amy Wohl

Beth and Jeremy (Jerbet)

Dianne Maire and others (Pourquoi Pas?)

Jen Spadafora (12 Frogs)

Karama Neal (So what can I do?)

Kris D'Arcy (View from the Loft)

Lisa Stone (Surfette) (check out her post about BlogHerCon)

Madison Women for Peace (Think Pink)


Pearl aka SB Poet (Watermark) (who gave us a nice plug yesterday, I just discovered)

PG (Half the Sins of Mankind)

Rhetoritician (Rhetoric 101)

Rowan (Uncommon Thought Journal)

Ruby Sinreich (ruby's rants & randomness)

Saheli Datta (Musings and Observations)

Sidra (Parenthetically Speaking) (RSS feed not working properly)

Tara Sue (Tara Sue's Weblog Art and News)

Tracy L.M. Kennedy (Netwoman)

Veralynne (A-Changin' Times)

Except for Sidra (due to the RSS issue), please feel free to vote for any of the above women to move up from Gals (or Groups) in Waiting onto my sidebar blogroll. And remember, there are still tons of other women listed in the bookmarks! Voting continues below in the comments section.