Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day 26

And on the 26th day I slept. Which my system obviously needed, but which (together with watching some fun musicals this evening) played havoc with my plans to catch up on bloggy goodness. So I'm going to fudge things a bit again, this time by reminding y'all of the points and particulars of Estrogen Month and listing the gals who, as of this post, have garnered one or more votes from our comments sections:

3 votes:

Kui Kihoro (Mama JunkYard's)

2 votes each:

Ayn Clouter
Concerned Muslim (Progressive Muslim Thoughts)
Cruella (Cruella-blog)
Jane (Prairie Angel)
Julien's List
Karen Zipdrive (Pulp Friction)
Linnet (Looking at the Stars)
Professor B (Bitch Ph.D.)
Sarah (What is Past is Prologue)
Susan (Easy Bake Coven)

1 vote each:

A-Changin' Times
Aine (Silent Lucidity)
Allison Kaplan Sommer (An Unsealed Room)
Amy Langfield (Amy's New York Notebook)
breakfast of losers
Chris (book of days)
Christine (halfgeek)
Cinnamon Cooper (Did you know...?)
Clarissa Cox (Glimpses of life)
Cleis (Sappho's Breathing)
cobalt123 (Resource.full)
Des (GreatScat!)
Elisa (two feet in)
Francesca's Liberal Wingnut Corner
Gina Spadafori (dogma)
Grace Davis (Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare)
Jane Hamsher (firedoglake)
Jill (Brilliant at Breakfast)
Julie Saltman
Kameron Hurley (Brutal Women)
Kathy (Citizen's Rent)
Kim Pearson (Professor Kim's News Notes)
Leena (leenawords)
Lizard Queen (The Blue Bus is calling us...)
Lorika (Secret Farm)
M and T (Adgita Diaries)
Marjorie (MomBrain)
Ms. Jared (Worshipping at the Altar of Mediocrity)
Natalie Bennett (Philobiblon)
Owukori (Black Looks)
Pamela and Sandy (Light Up The Darkness)
Pourquoi Pas?
Rachel (1 Woman's Journey)
Riggsveda (It's My Country, Too)
Sapere Aude (I am the Hermit)
Shair (Distorted Dreams)
Sheelzebub (Pinko Feminist Hellcat)
Sidra Vitale (Parenthetically Speaking)
Sue (Sue And Not U)
Vanessa Gatsch (Plucky Punk's Happy Land)
Wambui (Snapshots of New Orleans)
§anaa (Pressure Makes Diamond?)

So here's your last chance before my Sunday addition(s) tomorrow evening to "bump up" any of these worthy women to the regular Pen-Elayne sidebar, as well as to check them out in general and give them lots of shout-outs to the blogosphere at large! Voting continues in the comments section below.