Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Will Eisner RIP

Damn. Lovely reminiscences of a great, great man from Neil Gaiman, Heidi MacDonald and Mark Evanier, among many others. Laura Gjovaag reproes a very comprehensive article on the man and his work, and of course various other tributes abound in the comics blogosphere. To say that Eisner was seminal would be a gross understatement; I don't know anyone in the industry who wasn't influenced by him to one degree or another. He will be greatly missed.

Addendum: Ken Gale writes to say that "The next installment of 'Nuff Said!, the sporadic radio show about comic books, will be overnight on Tuesday, Jan. 18 (technically early in the morning on Wednesday the 19th) from 3:30 AM to 6:00 AM eastern time. I again substitute for Susan Brown's show, "Punk and Hardcore," but there will be a little less music than usual because I'm going to devote the whole show to Will Eisner, possibly the best or most important person in U.S. comics history. His name came up in other interviews more than any other artist. He was the artist other artists talked about and learned from and admired. Former 'Nuff Said! co-host Mercy Van Vlack will be with me the entire time and comics historian (and writer) Mark Evanier will join me at the top of the show. We'll also take listener phone calls throughout the show. For those of you in the listening area who won't be up that late, you can tape the radio using a vcr by simply connecting the input of your vcr to the output of your stereo. There is a more detailed description of this on our website."