Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, January 31, 2005

A Post About the Post

Welcome to another edition of Cleaning Out My E-mail In-Box!:

Simbaud, King of Zembla, wants to know, is How to Score with Women a Silly Site or not? Seems to me that, while the execution is obviously silly and it's certainly consensual, the woman in question didn't exactly come away unscathed.

The prolific Michael Russell announces that CulturePop 021: HistoryPulp!, is now online. I found the lettering a little small, and of course M.E. includes those wacky footnotes at the bottom which make it more of an encyclopedia entry than a comic strip, but enjoy nonetheless.

I've been informed that Dave Cockrum's creation The Futurians has been optioned for the big screen by IDT Entertainment, but I can't find anything on IDT's website (which is very fancy-schmancy and all but doesn't appear to have a simple search function), nor has Dave's site been updated with this news, so who knows?

I'm probably the last person to mention that MadKane has helped launch HumorGuru.com, a humor magazine featuring eight professional humor columnists writing about every topic imaginable. And people wonder why I don't resurrect INSIDE JOKE - with stuff like this around, I don't need to!

Last but by no means least, Alan Davis e-mails to inform me that he's updated his site: "I have only changed the text on the index page - added a response link and a 'Requests' section at the bottom of the index page to four or five linked pages." Still well worth a look, as some of us can stare at Alan's art for long periods of time without ever getting bored...