Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, January 09, 2005

More Awards and Anti-Awards for the Rest of Us

Round Two of the Feministe Anti-Awards has been posted! Congratulations to all the winners of Round One. It's an honor just to self-nominate! Looking over the categories, sadly, I don't think I even qualify for any of these... I think I'm going to do an Elayne Awards next year. :) On the other hand, via Tild~ I just found out about the Golden Guano Awards, so maybe I'll just grab me one o' those. [Update: Via Moi at Bloggg, I also found out there are also the Spanglemonkey Awards for All. Love their illo!]

Are we really this needy? Oh yes, we are, all of us. Especially we uncategorizable ones. Because look, here are a couple more awards for which I don't qualify - the Brass Crescent Awards being organized by Aziz Poonwalla (not being Muslim I'm out of these ones), and the Jewish (and Israeli) Blog Awards which specifically states "A blog is ineligible for being nominated if, although it is written by a Jewish blogger, the content of the blog is anti-Israel." 'Cause, you know, you apparently have to agree with the heinous policies of a government in order to be considered a true Jew, or a true American, or something like that...