Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Liberal Coalition Blogaround

I really shouldn't try to manipulate Bloglines before my eyes are properly open; I just marked all my posts "read," including all the LC ones. Fortunately, I had cleared all the other categories before going to bed around midnight so I haven't missed that much, and Bloglines lets me reread the last 100 posts on any blog in my subscriptions, so I can take another look at what my fellow LC members have been discussing this past week:

Alex Greenwood & co. at Sooner Thought have uncovered "blatant engineering by the Republican Party" in Oklahoma County (I'm shocked!)

Amy at blogAmy announces her blog appears right at the top when you "Google horseshit and bananas." I wonder where Pen-Elayne stands now that I've used the phrase as well...

Andante at Collective Sigh warns North Carolina locals against travelling in today's weather conditions.

Bryant Gries at Make Me A Commentator! (hey Bryant, neither Blogmatrix or WCC are working any more, you might want to try switching to Atom as that's Blogspot's default RSS feed) does a nice LC blogaround of his own, and examines how privatization of retirement accounts went down in Chile.

Chris "Lefty" Brown is trying to shake off his loopy medicine. Lots of folks coming down with nasty illnesses lately; take care of yourselves, people. I try to cocoon as much as I can in the winter months, it's just not worth risking one's health in this weather.

At Corrente, Lambert sums up my feelings about football to a t, and mentions Bill Gates' lack of faith in the dollar.

Echidne of the Snakes channels Dorothy Parker to comment on family planning.

Proud papa Edwardpig watches his daughter wean herself from a pacifier.

Eryk at And Then... updates his blogroll.

Holden at First Draft tells of a lawsuit over an anti-Bush bumper sticker.

All sympathies to Guy Andrew Hall at Rook's Rant for losing his internet privileges at work. As I'm probably the best web searcher in my officeI'm glad that can't happen to me.

Jeff at Speedkill takes a look at Montana's Max Baucus getting ready to confront the administration's plan to kill Social Security.

John at archy proudly announces the Carnival of Bad History!

Jude Camwell at Iddybud offers her thoughts on today's sham election in Iraq.

At The Invisible Library (still with no RSS feed), Keith introduces us to his photographer wife's lovely blog and passes along his sister-in-law Naomi's latest news from Iraq.

Maru Soze at WTF Is It Now?? has some great Friday Cat Blogging (™ Kevin Drum), as well she should with four cats, and mentions that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has refused to endorse Bush buddy-and-fellow-torture-supporter Alberto Gonzales.

Mercury X23 gets an amusing form letter from his congresscritter.

Michael at Musing's Musings is back from France and photoblogging his trip! All the pictures are gorgeous but the one that made me smile the most is the front page of Le Monde from a week ago Friday...

Mike at Left is Right recommends an article from Common Dreams talking about whether we should feel guilty over Bush and Blair's terror war. Dr. Whitehurst says that Guilt Requires Intelligence, Thoughtfulness and Moral Clarity, but I think it also requires culpability. Maybe the word she seeks is "responsible" rather than "guilty."

Happy belated blogiversary to Moi at bloggg!

Mustang Bobby, king of the LC blogaround, offers some Sunday reading. And dang, one of my favorite actors was arrested for DUI.

Natalie Davis at All Facts and Opinions laments lessons unlearned and passes on welcome news about the suspension of a hate-speech-espousing DJ and her crew.

Norbizness at Happy Furry Puppy Story Time reminds us again that he's the authentic face of the Left, so scandalize his name, dammit!

NTodd at Dohiyi Mir has a local take on Margaret Spellings' horror at rabbits and lesbians in Vermont.

Jon at Kick the Leftist also reports on Oklahoma loonies, actual college students who should know better, celebrating "straight pride" because, you know, those with societal privilege are somehow the most victimized of all...

Jesse at Republican Sinners profiles one J. Grant Swank, a real piece of work.

Scott at the Gamer's Nook is on the case of crack Russian pilots.

The Scrutiny Hooligans have all the coverage you want of the Iraqi elections.

Steve Bates, the Yellow Doggerel Democrat, has a nice little blogaround as well.

Steve Gilliard's computer go bye-bye. Ouch.

T Rex starts an LC blogaround but doesn't get past the "B"s... at this rate he'll never notice Pen-Elayne. :) He also has some ideas on blogrolls.

Trish Wilson ponders fame as she's profiled on What She Said.

At Rubber Hose, upyernoz is amused by an upside-down sign.

Lastly, why is Wanda quoting Drudge?

And as a bonus, here are some sums of the total number of LC blogs mentioning the following items talked to death on the blogosphere this past week:

  • A third Repundit (and a doozy of a hypocrite), Maggie Gallagher, taking thousands in taxpayer money under the table for PR purposes: 7
  • Cheney's duck-hunting attire at Auschwitz: 6
  • Quoting Krugman on Social Security: 5
  • The United Church of Christ extending a welcome to a cartoon character: 3
  • Pretend reporter Jeff Gannon and his wignut media corporation: 3
  • The Loser/When Will I Die/Nerd Score quizzes making the blog rounds: 2
  • Rice and Bush sharing that special look: 2
  • Feith stepping down: 2
  • Gitmo goings-on involving menstrual blood, both fake and real: 2
  • Rightie blogger Glenn Reynolds whining about lefty bloggers: 1

    I'm especially pleased that the last item only got one mention out of all the LC folks; I think it bodes well that the Coalition isn't as obsessed with what right-leaning bloggers say as the left blogosphere in general seems to be.