Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Gentlemen Spies

There's always been something appealing to me about the concept of good-guy spies. It's a strange mixture of heroism and subterfuge that doesn't seem to exist outside of the cinematic world. But I was finally going through my fellow Liberal Coalition members' blogs today (no energy to really do a blogaround but I did want to welcome new member Wanda, and I know I've said this on the LC mailing list but I also want to say it here - get well soon, Stradiotto!) and came upon a very interesting post by Edwardpig, quoting the latest press release/memo from the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Safety, suggesting topics that Bush might include in his upcoming State of the Union address, and I couldn't figure out why the VIPS sounded familiar. Then I recalled (okay, via Google) fellow LC member Lilith wrote about them back in May, calling these former intelligence officials "patriots, who are outraged by the administration's mendacity" and adds, "VIPS members are no doubt putting their careers - and perhaps even their freedom - at risk by coming forward." More missives from the VIPS can be found here (PDF file). I don't think they have a website; I don't think they think that's a good idea, given the circles in which they've travelled. But they do sound like a class act, that gives me hope that even people engaged in somewhat disreputable professions can be heroes too.