Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, January 23, 2004

Change of Plans

Due to the bitter weather I won't be at the Big Apple Blogger Bash this evening after all, but I'll leave the link up on the sidebar until tomorrow. There are only a few things that could drag me out on a day like this (cranky and tired and still on vacation), and one of them is a sick friend. I'll be taking a short bus ride to visit Dave Cockrum at the local VA center this afternoon, and will try to report back upon my return, as I know Dave has lots of concerned friends and fans out there. As I mentioned Tuesday, there will be a tribute book and auction to help out Dave and Paty Cockrum financially, and I'm pleased to announce that Alan Davis and Robin Riggs will be contributing a sketch to it. [Cliff Meth, who's getting all this together, also wanted me to remind folks that his book god's 15 minutes is listed in February's Diamond Previews, with a signed/numbered edition (signed by Michael Kaluta and Harlan Ellison) available directly from him. Says Cliff, "Any extra press I can get on that project--which is now being neglected--would be appreciated."]