Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Sidebar Maintenance Notes

Despite the phenomenal coding work of Laura Gjovaag (who I'm still hoping will agree to guest-blog here during my trip to Mid-Ohio Con in case I can't find a way to blog remotely, thereby keeping Pen-Elayne's "at least a post a day" habit more or less intact), the Google search function just wasn't working so I've scrapped it. Also took my various wish lists off the sidebar and put them into personal bookmarks, as I've gotten less and less comfortable with the idea of bloggers (particularly left-leaning ones) using this type of forum to ask readers to send them money and gifts. Someone reads this, sees my resume, and wants to offer me a job, that's one thing; someone wants to give me a pressie because I happen to entertain or inform them through my hobby, they can certainly approach me in e-mail with a wishlist query. Lastly, I've eliminated the Eatonweb rating thing because the buttons never loaded properly even though I'm pretty sure the site's still working. And I rearranged some stuff so the order now makes a bit more sense to me:
  • the introductory stuff (what's a blog, who I am, the new window checkbox, my resume, Rob's portfolio)
  • my blogrolls, as well as links to columnists, op-eds and politicians
  • links to news round-up sites, message boards and various resources
  • the Pen-Elayne archives
  • my self-reminder to ping Blogrolling (which I never remember to do)
  • cool buttons having to do with blog listings (always looking for more!)
  • my TTLB status
  • the section that reads like I'm barking orders at folks (rate me! review me! bare your bum! take back the media!)
  • lastly, the blog webrings and such of which I'm a member
    As ever, suggestions for additions to any of these sections are most welcome.