Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, November 22, 2003

LoL Saturday

The League of Liberals keeps growing; welcome to new member Rob Findlay, who has submitted his entry Iraq = Death to this week's New Blog Showcase, and who also has a cute Friday Cat Blogging (™ Kevin Drum) but does seem to need to work a bit on his spelling ;) . Other LoL posts that caught my eye this morning, in my usual alphabetical order by surname, then the first-name-onlys, then the pseudonyms:

  • LoL leader Barry Bozeman informs us that William Bennett replaced Rush Limbaugh as the Claremont Institute's annual Churchill Dinner speaker last night. Mentioned as well by Maru Soze, who also reveals the Naked Photographer! Glad they got him before my trip there next weekend...

  • Len Cleavelin bemoans the decision by many radio stations to adopt an "all Christmas music, all the time" format as early as this month, with another 200-300 expected to do the same thing in the next several weeks. Sounds like something Robin would love, but considering it's not even Thanksgiving yet and all the Chatzmich crap is already out in force in store windows, I think I may hit my "it's not my holiday, you wacky goyim" tolerance level early this year...

  • Robert "Don't Call me JR 'Bob'" Dobbs reiterates what Firesign chatter Ken DeBusk just informed me via e-mail - the NewsMax report on the interview with General Tommy Franks in the December Cigar Aficionado predicting martial law after the next (some say all-but-inevitable) terror attack on US soil. Also mentioned by Veralynne Pepper. Pretty scary news, particularly when broken by a loony right-wing website.

  • Jo Fish - whom I hope to meet next weekend, yay! - brings us the good news that Utah, at least, has figured out that the No Child Left Behind act is an educational Ponzi Scheme. The local (Riverdale) paper's been calling it that (in not so many words) for awhile now.

  • Jimmy Huck recommends this column on the role of race in current Louisiana politics.

  • Kriselda Jarnsaxa confesses that her husband does his food shopping, um, not unlike I do mine lately, cell phone in hand...

  • Madeleine Begun Kane has a humor round-up of Bush's London trip.

  • PZ Myers summarizes Paul Krugman's talk at Syracuse University.

  • Barbara O'Brien knows it's wrong to hate fundies, but she just can't help herself.

  • BJ can't believe there's almost no advance planning in the military. Doesn't surprise me all that much, why should they be that different from the private sector?

  • Dawn has a timely reminder that pot doesn't kill, asphyxiation due to aspiration of plastic bags kills.

  • Gunther grades the Bush-Blair press conference.

  • Jeff has some stark pictures from the FTAA protests in Miami, and
    Stageleft asks of Guanatamo, Is this humane? The Felonious Elephant surmises that Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma probably wouldn't have a problem with any of this.

  • Jesse mentions, and Northstar goes into more detail about, an NHL game being played outdoors this evening, which received 275,000 ticket requests. That many people want to freeze their asses off in -17C weather? Them wacky Canadians... Oh, and by the way, this "Heritage Classic" isn't being broadcast in the US.

  • Manis2Society's latest conspiracy theory asks, were the bombings in Turkey and Saudi Arabia really US-sponsored? That's rather immanentizing the eschaton, isn't it?

  • Rick wonders why his local CVS pharmacy has put their condoms and pregnancy tests in locked cabinets. (Yo Rick, Bleecker Street has a "c" in it. :) )

  • Scout explores the Collusion Memos, which apparently have a really strange idea of "extreme left" (I'd call most of the groups mentioned "moderate" or "centrist" myself).

  • BlogsCanada discovers the wonder that is Froogle.

  • Nice entry from the Estimated Prophet about selective application of international law, particularly when it comes to the US looking the other way at Israel's history of illegalities.

  • The Mudshark emphasizes there's a difference between big news and important news as he chats about the former.

  • The Poison Kitchen assures us that yes, of course there are actual rules to 3-D chess as played on Star Trek. Next thing you know they'll be swearing Wizard's Chess is real...

  • The Politburo Diktat talks about how to induce an Instalanche, which apparently has something to do with being mentioned by a very popular right-wing blogger whom I don't read.

  • Savage Cruel Bigots has one of the best examples of burying the lede that I've seen in awhile.

  • Sick of Bush wonders why so many people don't like Noam Chomsky. I like him well enough (and extensively studied his linguistic theories back in college when I majored in the stuff, not that I've retained any of that) but, geez, his lectures do have a tendency to put me to sleep.

  • The 18½ Minute Gap reminds us once again that Bush is a boor who hasn't the first notion of proper etiquette despite his upper-class training.

  • Treason Online reports that Americans are preventing the British and other allies from seeing intelligence that could save lives.

  • Finally, according to Wilson's Blogmanac, today is the Eve of St. Clement's Day. Clement is the patron of blacksmiths.