Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Tom Today

Great interview with "Top Six"er Tom Tomorrow, aka Dan Perkins, on Salon. Remember, if you're not a subscriber you have to sit through an ad in order to get your free "Day Pass" so, you know, minimize the screen for a minute or so unless you, like, have a thing for The Sprint Guy. As this blog site seems to have attracted a lot of new viewers in the past day or so, I wanted to point you to my review of Dan's Great Big Book of Tomorrow down below. And New Yorkers, don't forget his B&N signing next Tuesday! Update: I just noticed that another "Top Six"er, Mark Evanier, links to this interview as well. He also answered a question I've been wondering about for awhile, linking to this update on why it's taking so long for SCTV to come out on DVD. Honestly, it's hard enough trying to explain to Robin the nuances of Perini Scleroso, Monster Chiller Horror Theater or even free budgies until these DVDs finally appear. Mark's blog has really been in the zone lately, what with all the Dick Van Dyke comic book synopses (brilliant work considering said comics don't actually exist) and the news about Eric Idle's Spamalot and Rutles 2 projects.