Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Tom Redux

Well, I succeeded in my goal to meet both Tom Tomorrow and August Pollack (links at sidebar) for the first time (in the case of Tom/Dan, it only took 20 years!). Here's a picture of all three of us. I'm the fat middle-aged broad on the right. Isn't August just the cutest? Nobody who looks that yummy would even give me the time of day when I was August's age. Okay, one guy, with whom I've recently become reacquainted due in part to this blog (and he's even participated in the comments sections) and who happened to be at the reading/signing as well. Here's a picture of me with Spencer. But of course it wasn't about me, and I just wanted to say that Dan didn't seem nervous at all and did a tremendous job with his multi-media presentation, as he read from the panels projected on the TV set to his right. Big crowd, easily around 100, SRO and all that. Very partisan, as you might expect, and very enjoyable. Robin even seemed to have a great time chatting with animator Howard Moss (loved the "Plan 9 from the Beltway" animation, guys!). Off to cap off a great evening by watching The Daily Show now (they really should call Dan, y'know?)...