Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Take it Away, Emily!

Just 'cause I'm feeling punchy and silly and I miss Gilda:
What's all this I hear about Ramsey Clark considering running for President? Why, I can't believe it! Shouldn't he recuse himself from the Vote To Impeach George W. Bush website and have someone draft a new version of the Articles of Impeachment if he's hoping to run against Bush? Shouldn't he be out defending folks against Ashcroft by reminding them of his own stellar record as Attorney General against excessive surveillance? And what happens to the International Action Center? Those poor kids, preparing for the October 25 march on Washington with nobody to lead them, nobody to inspire them because Ramsey Clark's thrown his hat into the ring, why it just breaks your he-- what? Wesley Clark? That nice-looking fellow who talks about peace even though he made his living from war? Ohhh, that's very different. Never mind!
In all seriousness, W. Clark does seem like an okay guy and all, for a general, but I'd still rather it were R. Clark considering the hat-throw.