Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, August 11, 2003

Not Fit to Print

Last time I delivered pages to Marvel for Robin, I tried to walk back to work but Fifth Avenue was closed off right around the library. Some sort of police action. Try as we may, neither Robin nor I could ever ascertain what had happened. Today there are rumors going around the office that portions of the George Washington Bridge have been closed down because there's a would-be jumper on the bridge. I've been through all the local news sites' front pages and traffic sections, and all I've been able to find has been some vague nebulous wording about the area being subject to gridlock due to a "police action." You know, I don't think the cops should unduly frighten citizens nor encourage copycats, but neither do I think it's too much to ask that the reasons behind police actions be explained or reported on a bit more often. Just take a few column inches away from Ahnuld and Kobe, that should do it. Unless, of course, the local papers don't feel it's actually important to report news that informs NYC residents and workers, rather than "news" that brings in revenue.