Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, August 18, 2003


Lots of bloggers have religion on their minds lately. Emma opines, "Among the industrialized world, no culture is as deeply steeped in religion as America's." Anne Zook says, "I'm hoping this much-publicized 'wave' of religious feeling in this country is like the last flare-up of a dying campfire." Jeanne d'Orleans links to folks who talk about moderate and progressive believers. And of course, Natalie Davis always has thoughtful spiritual posts; this is one of my favorites, but the whole site is worth perusing for many thoughtful posts about faith. As for me, I'm doing whatever the secular equivalent of praying is that I get out of here at a reasonable hour, but whatever Powers That Be exist seem to have smiled kindly on me for having gotten this far through my first boss-back-in-office day relatively unscathed. The only Faith in which I'm currently interested is my cousin's daughter, my "little buddy," off to college in a couple weeks (see yesterday's brief entry). Update: Ms. Musings is back!, and Christine has an interesting post on The Magdalene Sisters, a film "which tells the heartbreaking story of women who were forced into service at the Catholic Church-run Magdalene laundries in Ireland to atone for their “sins.” "