Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Sorry, preoccupied with strange pains in my right foot (cramping, mysteriously bruised big toe, etc.) and an 11+ hour day at the office today, almost none of it spent online (other than work-related e-mail). Did anything happen in the world today? Ah, I thought not.

So just a brief and dog-tired opinion on some cult TV shows from yesterday and today. Nice to see a Buffy episode that was fairly predictable in a somewhat positive way for a change; I'd almost forgotten what it was like to switch the station to Smallville without wanting to slit my wrists. And Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum continue to be the only actors who really sparkle in the latter show (although Mack's character is way too smart and on-the-ball to keep angsting over Clark like that, even if she is a teenager), which had some good moments and lots of really contrived ones. Speaking of contrived, The West Wing's seams are showing just a tad [Spoiler Alert] - "aha, they had to get the VP out of the way somehow and create another personal catastrophe for Martin Sheen so they could bring in the plot about the Republican Speaker temporarily taking over the Presidency." But hey, if that Speaker's played by John Goodman, I am so there. I still don't really regret not introducing myself to Goodman at that Firesign party a few years back when I had the chance, but dang, I really wish I'd had something of value to say to him so I could have worked up the nerve. He's so primo. (Nothing to say about Enterprise, BTW, but based on last week's travesty I think I'm grateful that I worked so late I didn't get to see it.)